What is Placenta Previa and Its Causes?

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What is Placenta Previa and Its Causes?

When pregnancy occurs, on that time a tiny life grows inside the human body that is totally dependent upon that pregnant person for its nutrition. Through the placenta the growing baby gets food that is produced by the pregnant person. The pregnancy case as well as delivery becomes more complex when the position of the placenta is in an abnormal state.
If the placenta exists at the birth canal, on that time a state occurs which is known as placenta previa. In this situation without any complication the vaginal birth does not occur.

We had to stay for a certain period of time in the small belly button because once we were connected with the placenta in the interior of our mother through the umbilical cord.
The placenta works like an alimental network for blood vessels. It is interesting that no mixing of blood occurs here i.e. the blood of the baby does not get mixed with the blood of the mother. The placenta imbeds itself in the line of uterus. By this line nutrition exchange takes place through the vessel. The waste products of baby are passed through the network of the vessel, subsequently that waste products are removed via mother’s body.

In the uterus this nourishing layers begins at a low level. It has been known that some kind of placental displacement appears in every woman. This information can be known through an early pregnancy test named ultrasound test. The placenta moves up to the wall of uterine and cervix for the reason of delivery, when the term comes.

Three types of placental previa are seen. Those are as follows:

• Complete placental previa (where cervical opening is covered totally)
• Partial placental previa (Where cervical opening is covered partially, )
• Low lying placental previa (Where the placenta becomes close to cervix but it doesn’t cover cervical opening)
Previous cesarean section is one cause for the placenta previa. When it is intervened surgically on that time it may results internal scarring. This scar may be the cause for the lower movement of placenta.
It is a great threat for smoker old women who may develop this placenta previa. If the placenta previa develops earlier, on that time that woman may be in danger for hysterectomy. Because the placenta may grows inside the uterus and the separation process becomes impossible during birth.

It is a danger for the mother who develops placenta previa. Hemorrhage may be occurred before delivery even at the time of delivery. When placenta previa occurs on that time the cervix becomes wide and thin, consequently the placenta may be ruptured and a huge amount blood is loosed from the body which threatens the health of the body as well as the health of mother.
For the determination of the placenta previa an ultrasound during pregnancy is to be done. If you are faced by the placenta previa, you can consult with a doctor for proper delivery as well as the safety for the baby and for you.

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